Tips on Selling

Never underestimate the little things that can be done in preparation for marketing your house for sale. First impressions are crucial and at Laurent Residential we spend time with our clients getting things right. And don’t forget the exterior is just as important as the interior! Here are just a few tips to prepare your property for sale

– 1 –
Freshen up the paint work. You don’t want peeling paint or grubby walls.

– 2 –
De-clutter. Books neatly presented, fridge magnets cleared, pillows plumped.

– 3 –
Curtains, blinds and shutters open. Let the natural light in!

– 4 –
Lights on. Lighting can be an incredible tool for creating atmosphere.

– 5 –
Flowers. A bunch of flowers makes a fresh and colourful addition to any room.

– 6 –
Garden. Mow the lawn, tidy the borders, shrubs and plants.

– 7 –
In the summer get the windows open.

 – 8 –
In the winter make it nice and snug.

– 9 –
Candles can be useful throughout the house.

– 10 –
Paperwork. It’s never too early to get all your paperwork in place.

  • Watering Can

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